Monday, 2 March 2015

England v Italy - Six Nations 2015

Good afternoon everyone.

I have a 6 hour gap between lectures today so I thought I would share some memories with you.

On Valentine's weekend we went to London to see the Six Nations Rugby at Twickenham Stadium.

It was a great day and the trip was well worth it due to England winning:


With a surprising free bus service to the stadium and a great atmosphere when entering the ground, joined with a gorgeous hot dog to warm up before the game the occasion seems to last all day and not just the 80 minutes of the rugby game.

This is me with my mum before the game started:

Kick off was at 14:30 so there was plenty of time to look around the Rugby Store and get a pint of Guinness (not me personally - not my cup of tea!)

Mum and Gareth ready for the match complete with newly bought England Rugby hat:

I know it's cheaper and less crowded watching it at home on the television but nothing would ever compare to the atmosphere in this stadium.

The fireworks when welcoming England onto the pitch:

82 601 people (if I remember rightly) were in this stadium at the time.

The singing of the National Anthems. I have to say that I've never felt more patriotic:

Half time score was England 15 - Italy 5

A couple of bad injuries (Mike Brown) throughout the game lead to a late finish but they came straight back and nobody was stopping them now!

This is probably my favourite picture! Casual:

Victory walk around the field at full time!

This is me and Jake waiting for our train home at Kings Cross, when mum says

"Look at the camera...":

All in all a great weekend and I would definitely recommend it if you ever get the chance!

I've been 3 times now and I intend to go again!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Always love our trips to the home of English rugby....Great weekend as always. Mum xx

  2. Hi Brogan,

    I can see that you really enjoy being part of this game. Awesome!



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